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    Anhui Redstar Valve Co.,Ltd

    ——Professionally commit to the drainage system's production and research and development

    Anhui Redstar Valve Co.,Ltd is one of the key enterprises in DunAn Group,and DunAn Group is one of the top 500 enterprises in China.We specialize in designing,manufacturing and saling various kinds of products used in water supply system,including valves,sewage treatment system,and water meters.

    When the company was first established,we began to focus on opening up the domestic market in 2010,and we obtained a good performance in just a few years time,and we have cooperated with Hangzhou Water Group, Hefei Water Supply Group, and so on more than 10 provincial-level water division and more than 200 county-level water division,and we have been the core suppliers of Chinese Evergrande real estate,green land real estate, Longhu real estate and other enterprises.And our products and services has won the full recognition of customers.

    Our company adhere to the "water system valve application solutions provider" for the mission,to provide customers with rest assured products and services;We creat a management specification and continued growth development platform for our employees;We grow together with all stakeholders ,and we are committed to create the Redstar Valve Co.,Ltd as a gracious enterprise!

    Address:No.885, Qifeng Road, Lion Mountain Area, Tongling City, Anhui Province, China


    Telephone:Enterprise management Dept:0086-0562-6820000  ministry of foreign trad:0086-0562-6820908