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       What is Dunan
       What is Dunan

    Dunan is composed by a group of ideal, passionate people and Dunan is filled with creativity and cultural power,we continue to challenge ourselves and pursue excellence in business.

                                        ——"Dunan Enterprise Charter"


       The road of Dunan

      No one could be successful for no reason.

     An enterprise short-term prosperity can be obtained in many ways, but in the end only those who really have thought, culture and pay attention to "Road"  could obtain sustainable and healthy development!! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             —— Chairman of the Board of Dunan Group:姚新義   YAO XINYI

    "Integrity, respect, profession" is the core values and brand content of Dunan, is the road of Dunan.


    Integrity——the fundamental principles of life to do for Dunan。

    Integrity is the conviction which Dunan will always adhere.

    The specific embodiment of culture for Dunan integrity:To ensure lawful operation;To ensure the time,quality and quantity of products and services delivered to customers;Ensure timely payment of various payables.To the government, the community and the society, the cooperation partner, the customer, the investor, the staff, Dunan Group always achieves integrity.         

          For investors and banks:Continuously improve the modern corporate governance structure with transparency and standardization as the core.

          To the media:active exchanges, equal treatment, mutual understanding and trust, the establishment of lasting cooperative relations.

          To the community:as a common member of the community, care for community members, and actively create a harmonious neighborhood.

          To the government and the public:Strive to create wealth for the community, create jobs for the public, and actively participate in social welfare activities.

          To the enterprise and employees:All people are in good faith as the basic moral principles, character first, pay attention to credibility, frank treatment, open,form the style of integrity and frank.

    Respect--Dunan people basic attitude doing things and the foundation of harmonious development between enterprise and society.

       Dunan people know that in order to obtain respect, we must first pay respect.

       Dunan Gruop respect for customers, respect for talent, respect for society, respect for the rules, respect for all stakeholders, and strive to build a healthy, open, organic business ecosystem.Dunan is therefore respected by all stakeholders.


        Professional - is the Dunan of the basic criteria for selection and appointment of people.

    Professional is to ensure that the Dunan in the process of diversification continue to be successful in the core competencies,and it is the basic premise of the target for Dunan to be one of the best in the industry.

    Dunan in the involvement of any area, adhere to the introduction and use of industry talent,set up a professional team,use professional people to do professional things,to provide customers with more than expected service。


          corporate vision:

        To become a world-class, respected enterprises

        We pursue with the environment, the harmonious development of society and we create sustainable value to win the most extensive respect.Dunan adhere to the "diversified investment, professional management, differentiated management" concept of development, the company build a world-class, respected enterprises is our shield of the dream.

           Corporate Governance
       1 charter, 3 criteria, 2 categories of standards